“Dr. Fait never fails to ask me about my family and their health issues. I don’t think there is much time anymore for doctors to do that. Because Dr. Fait does take the time, he has the best overall view of my health situation.”

“I think very highly of Dr. Fait and that is why I sing his praises when discussions of medicine and doctors come up.”

Susan C., patient for more than 20 years

“Dr. Fait shows genuine care for our family and concern for the safety of the babies. Dr. Fait went as far as to be present at my appointments with the specialist just so he could be in the loop of care. That was very surprising and impressive to me as a patient!”

“I’m 40 minutes away from his office, but I go there because he is a unique physician. A lot of practices have a large number of physicians and you don’t know who is going to be there for the delivery. For me, knowing it was going to be Dr. Fait was very important.”

Carolyn B., mother of four, including triplets.

“Dr. Fait saved my life. He detected a lump in my ovary during a routine physical and it was cancer. It was caught very early and I have him to thank for that.”

– Sharon P., ovarian cancer survivor

“Despite a breech baby, Dr. Fait was available to deliver without a C-section. I felt comfortable the entire time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Fait is all about his patients.”

– Jennifer M., nurse

“Dr. Fait genuinely cares about my well being. When you have your first child, you don’t know what to expect. The whole way through, I felt that I was in really good hands. He was there to comfort me.”

Cheryl R., successfully delivered after problematic pregnancy