ESSURE Procedure

When a patient decides that her family is complete, the ESSURE procedure is a good alternative to the traditional tubal ligation (having her tubes tied). The ESSURE procedure is a permanent sterilization procedure that can now be done in the doctor’s office.

This procedure has been approved by the FDA for many years and requires little to no recovery time for the patient.
The patient is placed under a block anesthesia while the procedure is performed. This allows the patient to watch as the procedure is completed with little discomfort. By using a small telescope (hysteroscope), the ESSURE coils are placed in the fallopian tubes where they meet the uterus, thus sterilizing the patient. When the procedure is completed the patient is able to return to normal activities generally needing only Advil or Motrin for any discomfort. Three months following the completion of the procedure, a small test is done to confirm that the tubes have been closed.

In addition, the hysteroscopy equipment allows the doctor to check for any anatomic problems within the uterus. Abnormalities in menstrual flow can be caused by polyps or fibroids, which can be seen using the small telescope used in the ESSURE procedure.
Dr. Fait performs this procedure right in the Northeast OB/GYN office. Call to schedule a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you.

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